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Welcome to Steel Body, the coziest gym of Finland!

When You want your leisure time to feel like leisure time, we are the best gym!

Only pop in our office, and we will tell You more, show You the place and You can do your first training, for free!


Welcome to our hyggelig gym living room!

We offer well-equipped gym, sports massage (Fix’n’Fit, Toni Lehtinen, teacher of the field), infrared sauna and solarium services, personal trainer services (or You can bring your own personal trainer, for free). We also sell beverages and edibles in the office.


Free parking Mon – Fri from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m., on weekends 24 hrs.


Three separately air-conditioned gym spaces altogether 800 m², one of which is for women only; boxing area; almost 100 machines, lots of free weights.

Extra service (free): Pause service: You can put your gym card on hold any time you want, no questions asked, just contact us when You are in need of vacation.

Extra service (free): Hygge service: To give joy and delight, we have several special monthly themes, including lotteries, at least one of the themes is always culture theme. We are the only culture gym in Finland.

First time for free

Monthly cards: New customer -price: 1 month 29 euros, 2 months 54 euros, 3 months 79 euros, 4 months 100 euros; also You can ask for more options: You can get gym card with any length you want! You can get the gym card with new customer -price TWO times. Tourist card: Gym card up to 2 weeks:  20 euros (maximum length 2 weeks).  No membership fees or any other extra fees. No commitment. If needed, You can get membership key with which You can get in from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day of the year, (N.B. You should be inside at the latest by 10 p.m., then You can take your time and do your training). Deposit for the key is 20 euros.


Payment options: Cash, debit cards, credit cards, Smartum, Tyky, Virike, Edenred, or ask for more options if the option You would like to use is not on this list. Deposit for the key: On cash only.

Address: Åkerlundinkatu 6A, Tampere

phone: 03 2238877


Contact persons for any questions :

Markus Kavander p. 040 8256427

or Katja Syren p. 03 2238877

Office hours: Mon-Fri 2 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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